Monday, March 31, 2008

A Trade With Tribe Cards

Despite the outcome of Opening Day for the White Sox, there is something that I am proud of concerning Cleveland today. The first part of a trade between me and David from Tribe Cards, better known as Indians Baseball Cards. Always.

David had received two White Sox cards from the 1950s in a stack of older cards that he acquired recently. He asked if I wanted these two cards. You bet!

I was told to expect a package shortly. The package came on the perfect day, Opening Day! The White Sox and the Indians would be squaring off in Cleveland and I would be watching that on television and sorting through cards from an Indians fan in the Chicago south suburbs. I can't think of a better way to spend my time!

Let's see what the mystery package contained.

1956 Topps #188 - White Sox Team
1959 Topps #260 - Early Wynn
1984 Topps #667 - Vance Law
1985 Fleer Star Stickers #69 - Tom Seaver
1986 Topps Mini Leaders #8 - Harold Baines
1986 Topps Mini Leaders #9 - Floyd Bannister
1986 Topps Mini Leaders #10 - Britt Burns
1987 Fleer Mini #33 - Richard Dotson
1987 Fleer Mini #48 - Ozzie Guillen
1987 Fleer Mini #110 - Greg Walker
1987 Topps #772 - Harold Baines
1987 Topps Mini Leaders #49 - John Cangelosi
1988 Topps Mini Leaders #9 - Gary Redus
1990 Upper Deck #17 - Sammy Sosa
1990 Upper Deck #310 - Scott Fletcher
1991 Fleer #126 - Eric King
1991 Fleer #134 - Adam Peterson
1991 Fleer #136 - Sammy Sosa
1991 Fleer Stickers - Orioles/Red Sox/White Sox/Angels team logos
1991 Fleer Stickers - White Sox team logo
1991 Ultra #73 - Scott Fletcher
1991 Upper Deck #603 - Donn Pall
1991 Upper Deck #679 - Greg Hibbard
1992 Fleer #86 - Bo Jackson
1992 Topps #290 - Bo Jackson
1992 Topps #505 - Bobby Thigpen
1992 Topps #755 - Alex Fernandez
1994 Pinnacle #192 - Ivan Calderon
1994 Ultra #38 - Jeff Schwarz
2007 Topps 52 #186 - Ehren Wassermann

1 pack of 1986 Topps Baseball Tattoos

First of all, thank you! Second of all, thank you again! I wasn't expecting all of this. I recalled many fond memories with this selection of cards. I hadn't thought about that 1985 Fleer Star Sticker book in years! I had about 75 % of the stickers in the book. I could never find the rest. I was missing one or two stickers from the Seaver wind up series. I wonder if this was one of them.

I will be ripping the pack of 18 Baseball Tattoos on A Pack A Day in the next few days. I wonder what 22 year old gum tastes like? It comes with gum! Tattoos and gum. Sounds like a rockin' good time at Archie & Jughead's Tattoo Parlor and Liquor Emporium. With Pete Rose on the pack cover, I'll bet it's good. Yeah, I know, that was bad.

I will be searching for the perfect cards for a return trade. Thank you for all the good memories. I love the fifties cards, plus everything else!


Bubba said...

If you should happen to get doubles of the Mario Soto tattoo, keep me in mind. ;)

My Mario Soto collection (and needs)

White Sox Cards said...

Will do!

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