Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trading With Capewood's Collections

This trade has been about a month in the making. Slightly less, I believe. To everyone who has sent an extensive trade request (or even a small one), I am working my way down the list. I apologize for the delay. I've sent off a list to Nicole at Olagato House a few days ago, that was long overdue. Let's just say that the more cards involved, the longer it takes to go through the boxes. Rest assured, I haven't forgotten about any of them.

Now that the obligatory apology is out of the way, on to the trade. Cliff has only had Capewood's Collections for two months, but already it has carved out a nice niche. He is a Phillies fan and an Astros fan, as a result from moving from the Philadelphia area to the Houston area.

Cliff is always friendly and always has a kind word or comment. He's definitely on my "Nice Blogger" list!

After e-mailing lists back and forth, we settles upon a trade. I would send off a bunch of Astros and Phillies cards and Cliff would send a bunch of White Sox cards. It's a win-win situation. We tried to pick out stuff that was close in book value on both ends. Well, I don't really work that way most of the time. We decided on close enough, but I threw in a few extra cards for good measure.

Here's what I got from Cliff in Monday's mail:

OPC #125 - Britt Burns

Donruss Preferred #82 - James Baldwin

Bowman #84 - Brett Caradonna
Bowman #117 - Jeff Liefer
Bowman International #199 - Mario Valdez
Circa Thunder #101 - Mike Cameron
Collector's Choice #8 - Frank Thomas
Fleer Tradition #156 - Ray Durham
Fleer Tradition #184 - Mario Valdez
Fleer Tradition #197 - Scott Eyre
Fleer Tradition #257 - Mike Cameron
Fleer Tradition #276 - Keith Foulke
Leaf #75 - Mike Cameron
Score #40 - Mike Cameron
Score #62 - Ozzie Guillen
Score #89 - Jaime Navarro
Score #96 - Chris Clemons
Score #149 - Ray Durham
Score Rookie Traded #108 - Mike Cameron
Stadium Club #218 - Mario Valdez
Stadium Club #270 - Keith Foulke
Topps #41 - Mike Cameron
Topps #134 - Dave Martinez
Topps #164 - Ozzie Guillen
Topps #383 - Ray Durham
Topps #473 - Carlos Castillo
Ultra #273 - James Baldwin
Upper Deck #56 - Lyle Mouton
Upper Deck #57 - Ray Durham
Upper Deck #58 - Jaime Navarro
Upper Deck #59 - Mike Cameron
Upper Deck #62 - Chris Snopek
Upper Deck #269 - Mario Valdez
Upper Deck #328 - Norberto Martin
Upper Deck #329 - Scott Eyre
Upper Deck #332 - Matt Karchner
Upper Deck #333 - Keith Foulke
Upper Deck #459 - Frank Thomas
Upper Deck Retro #106 - Mike Caruso

Bowman Draft Picks #DP45 - Brian Omogrosso

Honestly, all these trades are starting to run together. The list I gave Cliff was pared down and revised before agreeing to the trade. All I remember is that a lot of Phillies and Astros cards found a new loving home.

The thing that surprised me the most about this trade? How many cards that Mike Cameron and Mario Valdez have in 1998.

Thank you, Cliff! I hope you enjoy your cards as much as I enjoy mine!

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