Friday, March 14, 2008

Card Spotlight: 3-14-08

2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Team Six Game-Worn Materials #TS-12 - Bo Jackson/Frank Thomas/Carlton Fisk/Sammy Sosa/Hoyt Wilhelm/Harold Baines 06/50

Say that card five times fast! This is officially the coolest multi-player all White Sox memorabilia card that I have! This may be the single greatest White Sox memorabilia card ever! Not counting the Joe Jackson bat card. Never count out Shoeless Joe.

I have been waiting all week to post this card. It definitely deserved the Card Spotlight. How much did a card like this end up costing? $12.61 plus $3.00 shipping and $2.00 insurance. I usually don't bother with the insurance. I usually don't have any problems with the mail, but I was taking no chances with this card.

Bo Jackson game-worn jersey:
Bo Jackson was the revolutionary player who came back from a career ending injury to provide inspiration for an entire city and an entire team. I can still see him running onto the field on Opening Day. He could barely walk before that. It was amazing to see. I loved his pop-up to third base that ended up being a home run. It just kept going up and further away from the infield. I'd love to know how high that ball actually went.

Frank Thomas game-worn jersey:
The face of the White Sox for 16 years. How can anyone sum up what Frank Thomas meant to the White Sox. You can't. The funny thing is that Frank is not actually a home run hitter. He's a line drive hitter. His line drives just carry well. He still holds the team record for most home runs in a White Sox uniform.

Carlton Fisk game-worn jacket:
A jacket card? Now I've seen everything, almost. The game will never be the same without Carlton Fisk playing it. The history behind this man is staggering. I'm honored to have him on this card.

Sammy Sosa game-worn jersey:
Now comes the only black mark of this card. Although, there is no evidence that he did any of his alleged wrong-doings in a White Sox uniform. There's still a cloud that hangs over him, no matter how many home runs he hits. When he was with the Sox, he was a skinny kid who struck out a lot and had some speed.

Hoyt Wilhelm game-worn jersey:
One of the greatest knuckleballers of all time. He hit his only home run in his first at-bat! He won 124 games in relief, which is still a record for relievers. This would be the oldest uniform on the card and probably the coolest.

Harold Baines game-worn jersey:
Everyone should know my stance on Harold Baines by now. If not, look at the upper right corner of this blog. Harold did more for the role of designated hitter than Ron Blomberg. He was the epitome of clutch. The 7th, 8th and 9th innings are when he did his best situational hitting. Before his knees gave out, he was a superb fielder. There's a reason why his number was retired by the White Sox 13 years before he actually retired.

Even with Sammy Sosa mucking up the card, this is a wonderful card. Maybe Sosa should have been replaced by Dick Allen. Who knows. It doesn't matter. No matter what he does, it can't take anything away from this card.

There are two Hall of Famers on this card (Fisk and Wilhelm). One potential Hall of Famer (Baines). One lock for the Hall of Fame (Thomas). One iffy for the Hall of Fame (Sosa) and one who would've been in, had he not gotten injured (Jackson). Not too shabby. That is why this card gets the spotlight for this week.


Wax Heaven said...

Man, those are some sweet cards. I wonder if the Sosa is from his White Sox uniform or just leftover from Cubbie stuff?

White Sox Cards said...

It's a black swatch, so I'm pretty confident that it's a White Sox uniform.

Bay Rat North West said...

That is a bad ass card. I have a jacket card from Dave Parker in 2002 Gold Label. They are weird.

shanediaz82 said...

That is definitely one of the nicest jersey/jacket cards I've seen. Very nice!

dayf said...

This card is insanely good.

capewood said...

I guess I gotta get back on eBay. I've been short of baseball card funds recently. I'd love to have a card like that especially at that price.


Brian said...

$12.61 huh?

any Braves card like that would run around $45-$75...
you got an insanely good buy.

White Sox Cards said...

When I usually go after cards like this, it usually falls well out of my price range before it's over. Or it goes about a dollar more than I'm willing to spend.

I got extremely lucky!

I've seen White Sox multi-player memorabilia cards go over $100.

Brads55sRedsCards said...

Incredible card Steve! How much did you bid on it? Aloha, Brad

csd said...

That is a great card. That is yet another card that has been under my radar. Great find! The piece of black for Sammy might be part of the black cloud that he helped put over baseball.

Bubba said...

I'm really surprised you haven't made a "Happy Birthday" post for Harold Baines yet today. Didn't you say you were a fan? Hmmm. :)

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