Saturday, March 22, 2008

3-21-08: Sox 3 - Giants 4

It was a pretty decent pitching match today. Gavin Floyd against Barry Zito. For those of you who think Zito is overrated, he only allowed 2 hits in 5 2/3 innings and got himself a hit while batting.

Gavin did very well. He allowed two runs in the first inning and nothing else in his 6 innings of work. He even got out of a couple of jams without a scratch. Every performance like that builds confidence for the season.

The Sox only managed 6 hits, so Gavin would be the tough luck pitcher who luckily gets a no decision. The Sox bats needs to show up more often. It doesn't help when half of the hits for the Sox came in the ninth inning.

The good:
Gavin Floyd looks better with each outing. It seems like it was a good decision to throw him in the starting rotation instead of trading more away for veteran starting pitching.

Juan Uribe pinch hits and gets a double.

The bad:
Only six hits in the game. No player had multiple hits.

Gavin Floyd looks good at the plate, but ultimately strikes out. Maybe the switch to the American League was a good thing.

The ugly:
The catcher's position went 0 for 5 between Pierzynski and Hall. Hall's spring average is at .000.

Childers blew the game in the ninth, when the Sox had the game won.

The comeback in the ninth was nice to see. If Jenks had been out there, the game would be in the bag. Josh Fields had a spectacular throw to first base, on a tough play, to get out a speedy Velez. I'm shocked Paul Phillips caught that throw. He can handle first base very well. That was a bullet of a throw.

The bullpen, save for Childers, looked great this game. I hope the good bullpen shows up to most games. Linebrink and Wassermann looked great in their outings.

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