Monday, March 24, 2008

3-23-08: Royals 6 - Sox 5

This is the most recent card of Nick Masset that I could find on short notice. I suppose if I really wanted to I could track down the image to his 2007 card with the White Sox. I suppose I could look through my 2007 Upper Deck team set to see if I have that card. I'm missing a few from the second series and I think Nick may be one of those. Truthfully, I'm too lazy to look after a long Easter day. So, you'll get a Rangers card of him.

The Sox started things off right on the first pitch of the ball game. Jerry Owens hit a triple, which makes the outfield situation tougher with each hit that Jerry gets. Brian Anderson has had the edge, but if Jerry Owens emerges victorious, it's because he can leadoff, get on base and run.

The good:
Nick Masset pitched a scoreless inning, further complicating the final bullpen spot decision.

Quentin and Anderson both went yard.

The bad:
John Danks got rocked.

Jermaine Dye's .179 average.

The ugly:
Alexei Ramirez can't hit anything but fastballs.

Another tough game that they could not win.

The Sox seem to be doing just enough not to win. If they have any shot at winning more than 72 games this year, they need to win these games. At least the bullpen kept them in the game. It's nice to see Carlos Quentin finally come around with the bat after a minor setback earlier in the spring.

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