Thursday, March 20, 2008

New York Mets Cards

Another new blog has appeared. This time about the cards of the New York Mets. I suppose it's about time. There seems to be a flurry of Braves fans with card blogs.

So far the postings have been about Nolan Ryan and Jim Fregosi. I was going to go with a card of Jim Fregosi, but while searching for Jose Canseco White Sox card images for the last post, I ran across this photo of Tom Seaver and Carlton Fisk. I don't get why I would come across this photo while searching for Jose Canseco, but life is strange.

Jim Fregosi wasn't a great mananger for the White Sox, so I went with Tom Seaver. He was a part of the 1969 Amizing Mets and he won his 300th game for the White Sox. It seemed more appropriate.

I don't know much info about the blogger of this site, but they go by the name NYBBNUT. It looks good so far. I really enjoyed the Nolan Ryan card from the first post. It's a card that I don't ever recall seeing. I look forward to seeing interesting cards about the Mets.

Good luck NYBBNUT!

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