Friday, March 28, 2008

3-27-08: Diamondbacks 8 - Sox 4

Sometimes, no matter what your best intentions are, you still lose. I'm sure that has entered the minds of White Sox players lately. Sure, it's only Spring Training, but didn't Ozzie say that they were playing to win this spring? At least the hitting is starting to come around.

If Nick Masset makes the team, I will be surprised. I know he is out of options, but that should not be a factor in his making the team if there is a better option. There is in Ehren Wassermann. I have a sneaking suspicion that Nick will make the team simply because the Sox do not want to lose him. If he brings performances like today's action, that would be a grave mistake.

The good:
Konerko and Dye both homer.

Scott Linebrink has a perfect inning.

The bad:
4 out of the 8 Sox hits were from minor league players who won't be on the parent club anytime soon. Good for the future, but bad for the present.

Matt Thornton's 2 runs in 1 2/3 innings.

The ugly:
Nick Masset's starting pitching performance that allowed 6 runs.

3 Sox errors.

I'm glad that these are only Spring Training games. The Sox look ugly at times. It's a bit sad when a bunch of A and AA players can do more in a few innings than the regular team did all day. It's also nice to know that Oney Guillen knows how to hit into a double play. At least he's getting the experience of playing with the big boys. From seeing Mercedes one at-bat, I'm confident he will not be seeing a major league game anytime soon unless he fixes that swing.

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