Friday, March 28, 2008

A Reader Gets Results TTM

Last month, reader Mike G. asked for some advice on how to seek autographs through the mail. I shared the little bit of information that I knew with him and told him to let me know the results.

Well, the results are in. Mike G. sent out 6 autograph requests to current White Sox players and he got four back! That's an excellent ratio. Hopefully the other two will find their way back to Mike G. as well.

Toby Hall was kind enough to sign his 2005 Topps card. Gavin Floyd was nice enough to autograph his 2005 Cracker Jack card. Joe Crede and A.J. Pierzynski were gracious enough to sign their respective 2002 Fleer Tradition cards.

Mike G. is still waiting on cards sent to Nick Swisher and Carlos Quentin. I hope those eventually come back to you, Mike. Even if they don't, that is an awesome collection that you have started.

If you have any interest in obtaining autographs of your favorite players, check this FAQ first. Most players are accommodating. Make sure all the necessary postage is on the return envelope and write a short letter. Try to personalize the letter. Send one or two cards. Don't be greedy. Only send a card that you are willing to lose. Some cards just don't come back.

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