Thursday, March 27, 2008

3-26-08: Brewers 12 - Sox 10

Let the slugging begin! And please help the pitchers.

It seemed more like a game of tee-ball than a game played by major league players. A total of six home runs were launched in this game. Two by the Brewers and four by the Sox. Two of the four homers were hit by Jim Thome. A.J. Pierzynski had one and Alexei Ramirez hit a grand slam.

Despite the Sox pitching staff being lit up, Linebrink and MacDougal were great. Mike MacDougal pitched a hitless inning. If he can translate that to a game that counts, he will go very far.

The Sox may have held on for the win if Octavio Dotel didn't give up four runs. Only two were earned, so he had some help getting those runs across the plate. The bullpen is settling down, but not without a few last gasps of inconsistency.

The good:
Four home runs by the Sox, including a grand slam with two outs by Alexei Ramirez.

Mike MacDougal is getting it done in the bullpen. It's about time and a very welcome sight.

The bad:
Pablo Ozuna's 0 for 5 day.

Gavin Floyd struggled during his five innings, but managed to have a good third inning.

The ugly:
Another winnable, albeit ugly, game blown by the bullpen.

Four errors by the Sox including another one by Toby Hall.

No matter the outcome, this was an ugly game. It's nice to see most of the offense show up. It's not so nice to see most of the pitching implode. What ever Mike MacDougal is doing differently now, he needs to keep doing it. This is the nasty pitcher I remember in a Kansas City uniform.

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