Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day

The White Sox usually wear green on St. Patrick's Day. This year, they didn't. I don't know if that was because they were at the Brewers training facility or what. The Brewers got to wear green caps though.

I remember each Spring Training that the Sox would wear their green uniforms and then auction them off for charity. But anyone can show a Sox player in a green uniform. Who can show a picture of a White Sox green coin? Me, that's who. It isn't mine, but I was able to find an example of one online.

This is a green variation of a 1959 Armour Baseball Coin of Nellie Fox. I don't know much about these coins, but I do know that I love the color of this plastic coin. I figured this would be the perfect item to showcase today.

1 comment:

dayf said...

No green unis for the Sox today? BLASPHEMY!

That is a cool coin though. I've never managed to track any down though. Just as well, I have no clue how to store those things.

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