Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sox Or No Sox: 3-4-08 - WSC Edition

Let's play America’s favorite pack opening game, Sox Or No Sox.

The following pack was donated by John from the UK.

The rules are simple. We take one unopened pack of baseball cards that was randomly selected by yours truly. We then go through the pack card by card looking for those hard to find White Sox cards.

Our player in tonight's game is a 2003 UD Victory pack. The pack contains 6 cards and features a certain infamous ex-White Sox player on the package in that other Chicago uniform. Let's begin.

#1: Hank Blalock – 96 - Rangers
A card featuring the team from one of my newest links!

#2: Todd Helton – 34 - Rockies
A career Rockies man.

#3: Jorge Posada - 60 - Yankees
Jorge sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of more high profile Yankees.

Not that much to the pack. No trap cards. No White Sox cards. Some decent players though. 3 cards left to go. Let’s see if we can get a White Sox card!

#4: Rafael Palmeiro – 95 - Rangers
I used to like him. I used to root for him. Now he’s just another statistic. It’s a shame.

#5: Greg Maddux – Winning Formula – 197 - Braves
Trade bait for dayf? Nice simple card with a pretty wild back. The back looks like it’s moving. Some kind of spooky hologram haze surrounds Greg Maddux.

#6: Nick Johnson (Green Parallel) – 61 - Yankees
A green parallel? OK.

OK, our pack opening is complete. Very interesting pack. No trap cards and no White Sox cards. It also came with an instruction card? Very mundane, but that’s OK sometimes.

So, that’s ½ point for each card in the pack.

Final score: 3 points

No White Sox cards in this game, but there's always next time on Sox Or No Sox.

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