Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mailbox Joys: Frankly Speaking, It's Batman

2004 Topps Clubhouse Relics #FT - Frank Thomas

The 99 cent eBay seller has got me again. I love this guy! This past week had no Harold Baines for sale, but he had a nice bat relic of Frank Thomas. I believe this is my first Frank Thomas relic of any kind. I'm a bit surprised about that.

Since this card was made in 2004, it has 2003 information on it.

"In 2003, Frank ripped hit No. 2,000. Of the 230 players with that many, he is one of five whose 2,000th was a home run."

OK, that's a cool little tidbit that I was not aware of. Thanks Topps, for bringing me closer to the game. I guess the only way I could get closer is to join my high school classmate Rob Mackowiak on the field during batting practice. That's not going to happen. One, he's not on the White Sox anymore. Two, he doesn't remember me. That's OK. If it wasn't for our talks about White Sox baseball in gym class, I wouldn't have remembered him either.

For the record, the only way he would remember me would probably be through the comic strips I used to draw. Out of the two who did that in our class, I wasn't the skinny one that drew the comics and passed them around. Yeah, I was a bit on the husky side in high school. Who am I kidding, I still am.

Anyway, I'm happy to finally have a bat card of Batman. The seller did have a bat card of Robin Ventura, but he was pictured in a Yankees uniform. A Batman and Robin reunion would have to be in a White Sox uniform.

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