Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stone Goes Full Time

Chris Singleton made a surprise departure for a career in sports broadcasting. Wait, didn't he already have that? Well, it must have been a better offer, because as Hawk would say... "He gone!"

Steve Stone has agreed to take over Chris Singleton's radio duties. I had a feeling that this part time Stoney gig wouldn't last long. He is a definite upgrade from Chris Singleton, but he really should replace Darrin Jackson on the television side. Maybe the Sox management could lure Tom Paciorek back on the television side? I'd love to see the Hawk and Wimpy show again.

Steve Stone moving to a full time position can only help the White Sox. He commands enough respect in a booth that even Ed Farmer may behave with him around. I liked Ed Farmer much better when he was second banana to John Rooney. Although Rooney is now the voice of the Cardinals. Lucky them. They've got a great sports announcer in John Rooney.

Steve could be the magical answer that the radio booth needs. He is a seasoned veteran, who gives his opinions, even when it conflicts with management. That is the type of broadcaster I like to listen to. He has a fan's point of view and isn't afraid to express it. Plus, he has the knowledge of someone who has seen it all. He brings both perspectives to the booth.

If someone can wake Darrin Jackson up from his nap long enough to get excited over the game, the White Sox would really have something. DJ is more awake, but it still sounds like he's sleepwalking. Perhaps if Steve Stone was peering over his shoulder, it would wake Feisty up?


NMboxer said...

This is a really nice, oddly attractive card! Informative writeup too.

Uglee Card said...

It's about time someone got Stoney back in the booth, where he belongs. Now if they can get him doing those Public Insurance commercials again, too, that would be sweet.

White Sox Cards said...

I forgot about those commercials! That brings back memories. He resisted going back to the booth for a long time. I think the Cubs firing left a bitter taste in his mouth.

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