Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3-25-08: Sox 5 - Rockies 2

As Spring Training winds down, the Sox seem to be getting closer to really gelling as a team. It also helps to have your ace on the mound in his final spring start. Mark Buehrle was on fire through six innings. He is ready for the season to begin.

I do not envy any player that is playing the regular season right now. That means that they are overseas. This also means that both teams might have off years. It something about flying halfway around the world to play two games on a whirlwind tour that makes players tired. In that respect, I'm glad that the White Sox were out of the playoffs last year. That would be the ONLY reason.

The good:
Mark Buehrle's strong performance over six innings with five strikeouts and one walk.

Juan Uribe was 2 for 4 with an RBI and a run scored.

The bad:
Orlando Cabrera was 0 for 4.

Another stolen base on Toby Hall. I'm not sure how much was effected by Octavio Dotel's delivery and Willy Taveras' speed.

The ugly:
Octavio Dotel's wild pitch.

Jermaine Dye's three strikeouts.

This is the type of game I love to see. Not only was there a White Sox win, the hitting was timely and spread out. No errors were committed. The pitching was phenomenal. It really was a struggle to find two ugly examples. Give me more games like this one and I'll be very happy!


Bay Rat North West said...

That is one sweet card. I have another I found of Frank Thomas if you are interested.

White Sox Cards said...

You've got my interest.

Bay Rat North West said...

I put it to the side so I would know right were it was and now I can't find it. As soon as I find it I will send it out.
Do you have any 2000 SP Autographs? I have a White Sox player just can't think of his name as I type.

White Sox Cards said...

That's cool. No, I don't have any 2000 SP Autographs.

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