Saturday, March 8, 2008

Heritage Contest #3

Tonight's question.

The first one to get the question right in the comments section, get their choice of prize. I'll check back periodically to proclaim the champion. The question will be open until a winner is declared. Only one household can only win a single contest, to keep it fair for everybody. Once you've won, you're done. The best thing about winning early, is you get an early pick of prizes.

Q. What Second City alum starred in commercials for the White Sox and shared screen time with John Belushi?

Each winner gets to choose one from the following prizes. Each night's prizes will be updated to reflect what has been won.

2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #C29 - Billy Wagner (Mets)
2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #C64 - Russell Martin (Dodgers)
2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #C68 - John Lackey (Angels)
2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #C93 - Clay Bucholz (Red Sox)
2008 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Bat Relic #CCTH - Todd Helton (Rockies)
1959 Buy Back Card #203 - Ossie Virgil (Tigers)
2008 Topps Heritage Advertising Panel - Manny Ramirez (Red Sox)/Randy Johnson (Diamondbacks)/Brett Myers (Phillies)

Good luck!

OK, we have a winner! Reader hayden jackson had the correct response, but has elected not to obtain a prize. This is a real shame, since hayden got the most difficult question correct. So, the unclaimed prize will be thrown back into the game and there will be an additional question, after the contests, for the remaining unclaimed prize. This last question will be open to everyone and will be asked on Thursday, March 13, 2008.


Captain Canuck said...

gotta go with Dan Akroyd here...

Steve Gierman said...


Real good guess though.

Try again.

mmosley said...

John Candy?

Captain Canuck said...

well, how about an unknown then.
Lamorne Morris has starred in two White Sox commercials, is a Second City alum, and shared the screen with JIM Belushi... so he's my guess #2

--David said...

I'm going with Bill Murray?

Hayden Jackson said...

Tim Kazurinsky?

Steve Gierman said...

hayden jackson is correct. Please e-mail me your mailing info and prize choice!

Tim shared screen time with Belushi in Neighbors and Continental Divide. He did commercials for the White Sox in the early nineties.

Everybody had great guesses!

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