Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day 2008

'Ode to Opening Day
by Mark H. Young

Opening day tickets were gone in a flash,
SOLD OUT, said the sign even if you had cash.
It's time to gander at them fields so green
To watch those replays on the diamond screen.
The crack of the bat and roar of the crowd,
The home team's gonna make those cheering fans proud.

Goin' to the ballpark on opening day,
Just need a day off to come out and play.
Sittin' in the bleachers to soak up the sun,
Keeping a scorecard makes it more fun.
Kids bring their gloves to catch souvenirs,
Adults reach for foul balls while spilling their beers.

Youngsters are pushy when standing in line
Waiting for autographs of their favorite nine.
Oh Mr. usher the kids are just great
So please have a heart, don't show them the gate.
We stand up and stretch in the bottom of seven,
Like in "Field of Dreams", me thinks this is heaven?

With a chance to see our favorite stars
We follow them closely on baseball cards.
Sosa, Bonds, Junior, and Thome,
Kerry Wood, Mussina, Schilling, El Duque,
Jim Morris at 35, the Oldest Rookie.
Smoltz, Glavine, Maddux and Andruw,
The Rocket, The Cat, A-Rod, Moises Alou.
Piazza, The Alomars, and Will The Thrill,
Olerud, The Big Hurt, bring back the twin bill.
Bagwell, Chipper, Pudge and Pedro,
Mo Vaughn, Boomer, Jose Canseco.
Nomar, The Big Unit, Jeter and Biggio,
Rey Ordonez, Rafael Palmeiro.
ammy, Wrigley’s ivy, HRs on Waveland Ave.,
Barry gets them wet in McCovey Cove.
Ripken, Coney and Tony Gwynn,
McGwire goin’ yard, caused such a din!
Fans came early to watch his BP,
Big Mac — Tape Measure, synonymously!

Tongue in cheek schtick from a Yankee fan,
Who's rooting, parts of five decades do span.
I've taken the time to create and refine
This ditty you're reading which IS all of mine.
Been workin' real hard to jot down these words,
If you are from Baltimore, you root for the Birds!
To the owners, "Stop crying and counting your beans,
Baseball in Washington, by any means!!!"

Every boy’s dream is to play in the Show
Very few make it, don’t you know.
The season will start, all teams as equals
The crowning achievement is The World Series.
It won't be till fall when its all over,
There may be a sighting of Mr October.

We've waited all winter, withstood snow and cold
Thru free agent signings for millions in gold.
"Play ball", "Batter up", the umpire will yell,
Peanuts and crackerjacks the vendors will sell.
Like Bogey has said with panache and glitz,
"A hot dog at the ballpark beats roast beef at the Ritz!"

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