Monday, March 24, 2008

3-22-08: Sox 8 - Cubs 8

The Sox are showing some signs of life after all. On a back and forth game with the Cubs, they manage a tie. There were very positive results with some batters and others look like they are searching for home plate. Most players are at least getting quality at-bats out of Spring Training, even if the end result isn't pretty.

Six batters went at least .500 at the plate for the day. The rest went .000 for the day. That's not exactly setting the world on fire with that ratio. There needs to be more consistency at the plate. The hits need to be spread out among the players. Three players can get all the hits, but if they are spread out throughout the lineup, the team isn't going to score many runs.

The good:
Uribe, Cabrera, Crede, Quentin, Anderson and Phillips all batted at least .500 for the day.

Octavio Dotel threw a perfect inning that included two strikeouts.

The bad:
Javier Vazquez gave up 4 runs.

Nepotism favors Oney Guillen as a pinch runner. He scored a run, but why is he playing on the team?

The ugly:
Jermaine Dye dropped a ball in the sun in the late innings that caused the game to be tied.

Logan and Omogrosso both blew saves in this game.

This was an all or nothing game. There was no middle ground. This needs to change quick! The season fast approaches and this type of game is not winnable. The Sox had ample opportunities to win this game. They are lucky that they got a tie.

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