Friday, March 21, 2008

Card Spotlight: 3-21-08

2005 Topps Update #UH261 - Sean Tracey

OK, you may be wondering what qualifies this card to be in the card spotlight. You'd be right to be skeptical. First of all, it is the only card that I know to feature, in big letters, the correct spelling of my fiancée's first name. His first name is close enough to mine that it's a little eerie. If he has a brother named Steve who ends up playing in the majors, he would be my new favorite player. Anyone named Steve Tracey, who makes it to the majors, has an instant fan.

As it is, the closest I will ever have of my own name being in the majors is Esteban German. Not exactly a match, but again, close enough. It was enough to make me notice the similarities, but only after encountering the name a few times. It didn't dawn on me right away.

Secondly, Sean Tracey is the only player that Ozzie Guillen has made cry. At least that the public knows about. While that's nothing to make fun of, I kind of admire Sean for doing that. It shows that players are human beings. They have feelings and they are not machines of the hitting or pitching variety. I think it shows a bit of heart to expose yourself in that way, in a very public game.

As for the picture on the card, it looks like the photographer told Sean to stand outside the stadium and pose. It's a different take on the brick wall background picture. I like it. I can't help noticing that the jersey is a prop though. There's no name and no number on the back. Even the players who don't have a name on the back of the uniform in Spring Training get numbers. If the building escaped you as a clue to this photos staging, then the lack of a uniform number would be the determining factor.

Sean didn't last too much longer after the Ozzie incident. He is now in the Baltimore Orioles organization. Or as I like to call it, White Sox East. I hope he gets another shot at the majors. He has decent stuff.

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