Monday, March 10, 2008

Trading Heritage With Cardboard Junkie

There goes Nick Swisher contemplating his place in the universe. He was part of another trade. This time from the Braves fan to the White Sox fan. He's on the West Coast, then the East Coast and now, middle America. It's good that he brings the energy with him.

This trade started out on Broadway. Lance Broadway to be exact. While I was busy lamenting my 2008 Topps Heritage box being in postal limbo, it seemed like everyone else was opening their boxes.

So, what's the first thing that dayf pulls out of his box? A White Sox player on one end of an advertising panel. Being the thoughtful individual that he is, dayf immediately e-mails me to see what Braves he can get for the topper. For some reason, I have the magic touch when it comes to Braves cards.

I told him to wait on the trade until I get my box. Many days and many rants later, I got my box. A funny thing happened though. I wanted to collect the entire set, but I only got two White Sox cards from my box. I'd rather get the White Sox cards first and worry about the rest later. So, I got on that... with thinking. A few e-mails later and a trade was worked out.

What did dayf get?
2008 Topps Heritage - John Smoltz
2008 Topps Heritage - Mark Teixeira
2008 Topps Heritage - Jone/Jones - Fence Busters
2008 Topps Heritage - Buddy Carlyle
2008 Topps Heritage Chrome Refractor - Mark Teixeira
2007 Moments & Milestones - Chipper Jones (14 doubles) 13/29

I threw in:
2007 Moments & Milestones - John Smoltz (19th win) 18/29

What did I get?
2008 Topps Heritage - Nick Swisher
2008 Topps Heritage - Jim Thome
2008 Topps Heritage - Juan Uribe
2008 Topps Heritage - Mark Buehrle
2008 Topps Heritage Black Back - Jerry Owens
2008 Topps Heritage Advertising Panel - Lance Broadway/Ross Ohlendorf/Matt Capps
2007 Topps Heritage Chrome - Juan Uribe
2007 Topps Heritage Chrome Refractor - Juan Uribe

dayf threw in:
1995 Pinnacle Aficionado #59 - Frank Thomas
2003 Bowman Heritage #176 - Luis Aparicio
1997 SP #49 - Harold Baines

WOW! dayf always throws in such cool bonuses. As luck would have it, I went to a card shop over the weekend to pick up some supplies and ended up getting a few packs. I picked up two packs of 2008 Topps Heritage. In one of the packs, I got a Chrome Refractor of Brian McCann. That will be set aside for a future mailing to dayf. I swear sometimes I think that dayf and I should switch teams. It would sure save on postage.


Brian said...

all those beautiful Braves... enjoy them dayf... enjoy them...

dayf said...

You'll see them all soon enough, Brian.

I'm just glad the ad panel got there in one piece. The useless Upper Deck blaster packaging had one last use after all.

White Sox Cards said...

That was a stroke of genius using the Upper Deck packaging that way.

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