Friday, March 28, 2008

A Gift From The Writer's Journey

My fellow bloggers and readers are awesome! I find surprises all the time. It could range from trades to gifts to awesome finds that just beg to be shared with the baseball card blogging community.

The Writer's Journey is one of the blogs that I check out daily. I am currently working along side Jason on Baseball Legends. I am doing a bit of research right now and I hope to hear about a finalization on the writing format, so I can get past first drafts and notes.

Anyway, I received a package in the mail yesterday from Jason. It was an unexpected package. I couldn't find any evidence of a forgotten trade (if that's the case, please nudge me), so I'm assuming this package is a gift. My mind is not completely focused on cards right now, so it could have easily slipped my mind.

Here's what I received from Jason:
1986 Fleer White Sox logo sticker
1986 Fleer Star Sticker #17 - Britt Burns
1986 Fleer Star Sticker #49 - Ozzie Guillen
1986 Fleer Star Sticker #109 - Tom Seaver
1986 Topps #290 - Carlton Fisk
1986 Topps #719 - Carlton Fisk AS
1987 Topps #756 - Carlton Fisk
1987 Topps #772 - Harold Baines
1988 Score #590 - Harold Baines
1988 Score #592 - Carlton Fisk
1988 Topps #35 - Harold Baines
1988 Topps Big #63 - Ivan Calderon
1988 Topps Big #105 - Greg Walker
1988 Topps Big #164 - Dan Pasqua
1988 Topps Big #197 - Carlton Fisk
1988 Topps Big #251 - Lance Johnson
1990 Bowman #314 - Carlton Fisk
1990 Donruss #58 - Carlton Fisk
1990 Topps #392 - Carlton Fisk AS
1991 Donruss Highlights #BC-6 - Carlton Fisk
1991 Topps #170 - Carlton Fisk
1991 Topps #393 - Carlton Fisk AS
1991 Score #265 - Carlton Fisk
1992 Score Impact Player #53 - Bo Jackson
1994 Score #513 - Bo Jackson
1994 Topps #538 - Ellis Burks
1997 Collector's Choice #295 - Ray Durham
1997 Pinnacle Inside #46 - Ray Durham
1997 Score #326 - Mike Cameron
1998 Fleer Legends Of The Game #1 - Luis Aparicio
1998 Score #149 - Ray Durham
1998 Score Showcase Series #149 - Ray Durham
2000 Bowman #49 - Magglio Ordonez
2000 Fleer Tradition #194 - Ray Durham
2000 Fleer Tradition #233 - Magglio Ordonez
2000 Impact #48 - Magglio Ordonez
2000 Impact #57 - Ray Durham
2000 Topps Opening Day #8 - Magglio Ordonez
2000 UD Hitter's Club #48 - Magglio Ordonez
2001 Topps Archives #389 - 1959 World Series - Game 5

WOW! This was completely unexpected! The package is very appreciated! I can't say that there was much that I actually had. The only cards that I really had were the Fisk cards and the Baines cards, but that's fine by me. Any card of those two is welcome here!

The one thing that I found really funny though, was the back of Lance Johnson's Topps Big card. According to the cartoons on the back, Lance Johnson and Kirby Puckett are both Caucasian players! That certainly news to me! In fact, Ivan Calderon was also had a white cartoon representative on the back of his card too. Very strange indeed.

Thank you, Jason, for a nice trip down memory lane and a good laugh.


Bubba said...

All the players were Caucasian in the 1980s...didn't you know that? I'm glad you liked the cards. No forgotten trade, just trying to spread the joy of baseball! :)

White Sox Cards said...

Silly me. I plum forgot that there were all Caucasian players then. Where is my mind today?

csd said...

I love those star stickers from 1986. It took me a couple years to find out that they existed, but once I did they seemed rare so I like them. It seems that your generosity comes back to you more often than not. That is how it should be.

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