Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out Of The Mill

OK, this should have been posted yesterday, but I always have to make things difficult. I'll get to that later.

Yesterday, Rich, who posts at Bad Wax forums and won one of the Heritage contests I ran, started a baseball card blog called Out Of The Mill. There's a nice story about why the site is called that in the Welcome post.

So far, Rich has posted videos depicting parts of box breaks. He's off to a fantastic start. I can't wait to see how this blog grows.

Now, on to the difficulties.

I noticed the list of players, sets and teams that Rich collects. One of the things he is collecting is the Cleveland Indians. I try to find images that mean something to the blogger that I am promoting and something that has a White Sox connection. It doesn't always happen, but I try.

I could've should've used an image of Jim Thome or one of the Alomars. Even Joel Skinner would have worked. I wanted to be different and use Harold Baines. It sounds simple, but i assure you, it is not. Harold was only on the Indians for a few months in 1999. He went to the playoffs with the Indians. I figured there has to be an image of Harold in an Indians uniform. He did have a great home run in the second game of the ALDS in 1999.

This was one of the most difficult tasks I have ever taken on. I had a better shot at finding Jimmy Hoffa. Keep in mind that I've been trying to find an image of Harold as an Indian for years. I had one image, around November 1999, but my computer had "issues" and I lost the image. It was an image of Harold sliding into a base wearing an Indians uniform.

Harold does not have any cards (to my knowledge) featuring him as an Indian. I finally found an image two minutes before I started this post. I literally felt like I hit the lottery.

So, to Rich and my other fellow bloggers who are Indians fans, please enjoy the fruits of my endless search. Photographic evidence that Harold Baines was on the Indians.

Rich, good luck with your blog and welcome to the community.


Rich said...


Thanks so much for the nice write up. It's really encouraging to find a community of individuals who are so supportive, and it will certainly motivate me to keep my page updated and interesting.

Oh, and I got the box topper yesterday. 'Twas nice to find something other than bills and credit card offers in the mail for once.

Bay Rat North West said...

Looks like a bad photoshop to me. I ma still not convinced Harold played for the Indians.

capewood said...

2000 Stadium Club #28. Harold Baines as an Indian. I swear to God. Watch your email.


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