Monday, March 3, 2008

3-3-08: Sox 6 - Royals 7

Surprise! It's more Cactus League action. OK, I'll admit it. I just like the name of the town the Royals train in. Surprise, Arizona. It's kind of fun to say. It's the little things like that which make me happy (and kept me out of the good schools).

This was the first televised game for the White Sox. The ending was lousy, but it was an enjoyable game. I got to see Alexei Ramirez, Brad Eldred, Octavio Dotel, Cole Armstrong and Carlos Quentin for the first time in a White Sox uniform. They all left their impressions on me.

The good:
Alexei Ramirez got to show off his speed when he hit a gapper for a triple.

John Danks had a great start with 3 strikeouts and no walks.

The bad:
2 errors, but both by rookies who aren't expected to break with the club.

Boone Logan had a rough time and some tough luck. He should be fine when the season starts.

The ugly:
The bullpen continues to be hit or miss. Something has to give.

Mike MacDougal's ERA is 22.50. He confounds the White Sox. He has the stuff and brings it often. He just doesn't bring it to an actual game.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Steve, you get a gold star for the UHF clip.

"What's the matter George?"
"Oh, you don't want to know."
"...Then why did I ask?"

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