Friday, January 11, 2008

1922 American Caramel E120

The majority of my posts today seem to be about cards that are over 50 years old, in some cases over 100. I finally found a decent example of a 1922 American Caramel E120 White Sox card, which is not an easy task when you don't own one. With that in mind let's review this set.

If it looks like you've seen this card before, you probably have. This is one of the more common reprint sets. No, I don't have those either. It also has a similar style and size to the V61 Neilson's Chocolate and the W573 B&W strip cards that also came out in 1922.

The difference is in the coloring. For the E120 set, the National League players have cards that were printed with green ink on a blue-green colored card stock and the American League players have cards that are printed in brown ink on a cream colored card stock.

The back of each card has a convenient team checklist of all the players in the set for the team that the player on the front of the card is on. The cards are slightly smaller than standard size. They measure 2" by 3.5". There are 240 cards in the entire set and the White Sox consist of 15 of those cards.
  • Eddie Collins
  • Elmer Cox
  • Urban Faber
  • Bib Falk
  • Clerence Hodge
  • Harry Hooper
  • Ernie Johnson
  • Horace Leverette
  • Harvey McClellan
  • Johnny Mostil
  • Charles Robertson
  • Ray Schalk
  • Earl Sheely
  • Amos Strunk
  • Clarence Yaryan

The player selection is top notch here. There are players that you don't see too often in sets. Looking through a Beckett, you'd think that there were no cards produced between 1915 and 1933. I used to think that when I was a lot younger, but that was before I did the research. There were card sets produced all the time. You just have to search for them.

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