Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Autographs Through The Mail

On Base Autos has a wonderful article about getting autographs through the mail. I tried this when I was younger and all I got back was a nice 1990 Leaf card of Shawn Boskie. I still have it on my desk. Yes, he's in a Cubs uniform. So what. He sent back an autographed card, so he's cool in my book.

Upon looking for an appropriate signed White Sox card, I found this site. Waiting For The Mail Man chronicles the pursuit of autographs through the mail. The Buehrle was posted by someone named Bryan, who got a turn around in less than a month! This was after Mark's no-hitter. Very cool!

The best advice I can follow for autographs through the mail, don't be greedy, send a SASE, and take the time to write a nice hand written letter. It shows that you care more about the player than just his autograph. Don't get discouraged. Some players have more things to do besides answering your mail. Give them enough time and they should send it back.

I think I may just try reaching Harold Baines for an autograph. You never know. I might just get something back.


hartmanj said...

If you need Harold's home address let me know. My address book is a 2006 edition but I can double check with someone who has the newest edition to make sure the address is right.

Steve Gierman said...

Sure, I was going to go through the White Sox, but that could be a good avenue too.

Please send the address to my e-mail address. I don't want that info on my blog. I still consider a player's address to be a private thing.


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