Thursday, January 31, 2008

#55 - Brandon McCarthy

For lack of a better option, Brandon McCarthy is here. He had his share of success with the White Sox, but his failures were more memorable. When potential is thrown around to describe a player for well over a year, there's a problem.

Brandon had plenty of opportunities to make good on that potential. He pitched with the White Sox in parts of the 2005 and 2006 seasons. He rarely duplicated the success of his minor league stints with the parent club. So far, Brandon is what some people would call a 4A pitcher. Dominating at AAA, but dinged up at the major league level.

Brandon was eventually traded to the Rangers with David Paisano for John Danks, Nick Massett and Jake Rasner. Maybe he will find Texas a more suitable environment to be more effective in the majors. From his 2007 season stats with the Rangers, it looks like he has more work to do.

Uniform number 55 will be Brandon's until someone steps in and has a little more success. I wish Brandon the best in his career. I'm sorry it didn't work out in Chicago. If there's one positive thing Brandon can take pride in, it's that he was the best at number 55 for the White Sox.

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