Thursday, January 24, 2008

#50 - Barry Jones

There aren't a lot of standout candidates here. John Danks is the most likely to take this spot over, but he's not ready. There have been others that occupied this number. Sean Tracey, Sean Lowe, Larry Thomas, Juan Agosto, Buddy Groom and Brian Drahman come to mind.

Only one player can be described as "owning" this number, for now. That would be Barry Jones. Barry came to the White Sox in August of 1988 from the Pittsburgh Pirates. He left the White Sox at the end of the 1990 season. He was part of the deal to the Montreal Expos that brought Tim Raines to the White Sox.

Barry's best year was in 1990. He was 11-4, for a reliever, with 1 save and a 2.31 ERA. It's amazing that he even got a save in the same season where Bobby Thigpen had 57. Barry's ERA was always under 3.00 for the White Sox. This is what a great set-up pitcher will do. He'll get a good win-loss record and make the closer look outstanding.

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