Saturday, January 19, 2008

#47 - Matt Karchner

Does anyone remember Scott Sullivan being on the White Sox? Neither did I until I looked up his information and realized he was the pitcher that was on the Cincinnati Reds for a long time. He only pitched in 15 games for the White Sox in 2003. He was alright, but not someone you would remember as being on the Sox.

This is the problem with number 47. There are players as diverse as Taynon Sturtze, Rusty Kuntz, Steve Rosenberg, Bryan Little and Jim Busby that all wore number 47. Tony Graffanino almost got this number because he wore number 47 for one season with the White Sox.

From 1995 until the middle of 1998, Matt Karchner was on the White Sox. Throughout his career, he suffered from a horrible disease. It was called Saberhagen disease. He would have a great season every other season. His good seasons were the odd numbered year seasons. He sported low ERAs and was a great relief pitcher. The even numbered years, his ERA ballooned into the fives.

The reason that Matt gets the nod here is a simple one. Out of all the so-so players at this number (at least so-so when they were with the White Sox), Matt was the only one that was traded for a vital piece of the 2005 World Series team. He was traded to the Cubs in 1998 for Jon Garland. That's the entire reason why Matt is here. He helped the White Sox immensely by just being traded away.

Sometimes it's not what you do that makes the man, it's what you can get in return. Unless a player wows his way into this spot with his playing ability, it will be yours.

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