Thursday, January 17, 2008

#46 - Eddie Robinson

At number 46 we have Eddie Robinson. Jason Bere came the closest. Then Bob Howry. But ultimately, Eddie took the prize here.

He was on the White Sox from May 31, 1950 until the end of the 1952 season. Both full seasons with the Sox, he made the All-Star team and was in the running for MVP both seasons.

Eddie hit 71 home runs with the Sox over two and a half seasons. He hit 294 RBI during that time along with 468 total hits. An interesting note, Eddie played for 7 of the original American League teams in his career. The only team he did not play for out of the original eight, the Boston Red Sox, he ended up scouting for after his playing days.

Eddie's best season was 1951, when he was with the White Sox. He hit .282 with 29 home runs and 117 RBI. Unless a superstar player emerges at number 46, I think this will be Eddie's for awhile.

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