Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aaron Cunningham Contest

Do you want to benefit from my mistake? Sure you do! I'm going to run a contest to give away this 2007 Bowman Sterling Arizona Diamondback card of Aaron Cunningham. Own a true ex-White Sox prospect! He even won the triple crown in his Junior College League.

So, the first one to correctly identify the answer to the following question will win this beautiful card. Leave your answers in the comment section. This contest will have an easy 3-part White Sox question.

During Mark Buehrle's no-hitter in 2007, he faced the minimum 27 batters, but did not receive credit for a perfect game. Why did he not throw a perfect game, who was the batter that screwed up Mark's attempt at a perfect game and how did Mark end up facing the minimum batters?

It just that simple. Even if you don't know the answer, it should be fairly easy to look up. I am looking for three specific bits of information. Be the first to get all three in one post and the card is yours!

Good luck!

Boy, that was fast! Kevin, from Orioles Card "O" The Day is the big winner. Congrats! You will be receiving a genuine 2007 Bowman Sterling card of Aaron Cunningham for your effort. Is it any coincidence that Sammy Sosa played for both Chicago teams and the Orioles? I think Kevin should open a new site called "The Chicago-Baltimore Connection" with all these Chicago-Baltimore players popping up on our sites lately.


Kevin said...

He gave up a walk...

To Sammy Sosa...

Who was picked off of first base.

Steve Gierman said...

You got it! See how easy that was! I will mail out your card shortly.

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