Saturday, January 12, 2008

#42 - Ron Kittle

Number 42 may be retired for all of baseball, but Jackie Robinson never played for the White Sox. Sorry Jackie, you're not hijacking this number. This one is all Kitty.

Ron played on the White Sox from 1982 until mid 1986, then again from 1989 until 1990, and a third time in 1991. He began and ended his career with the White Sox.

Not only did Ron win Rookie of the Year in 1983, he also played in his only All-Star game that year at Comiskey Park. He was one of the bright young faces in the White Sox organization in the early 80's. Plus, he displayed power. Ron also holds the record for the most rooftop home runs at old Comiskey Park with 7, including the last one ever hit in the park.

Ron is still involved in baseball around the Chicago and Indiana area. He put out a great book called "Ron Kittle's Tales from the White Sox Dugout", which he is selling personalized autographed copies of at his website. It's definitely worth a read! I can't think of a better player to perfectly embody the White Sox at this number. What more can you ask from someone who makes his own custom benches out of official bats, balls and bases. That's true devotion to baseball and the White Sox.

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