Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mailbox Joys: A DK Harold Signature

2005 Diamond Kings Signature Framed Red - Harold Baines 11/25

This came in the mailbox today in a plain white letter envelope. I'm always suspicious of cards enclosed in this. I'm sure I paid a lot more for shipping than a 41 cent stamp. As long as the card arrives in the condition it was described, I don't mind the nail biting moments before the condition is confirmed.

I breathed a heavy sigh of relief as I stared down at a perfectly preserved Harold Baines card numbered to only 25. The signature is nice and crisp. The card is in pack condition. I'm a very happy White Sox fan.

While this isn't quite as cool as my Baines card with his signature and jersey swatch, this trumps my Bazooka Fun Facts relic card of him. They are all cool in their own way. They are a little piece of Harold's history in each card. It doesn't matter if he signed it, wore it or swung it. All that matters is that it brings me a little closer to one of my favorite players.

I'd be happy if I could collect all 25, but I know that will never happen. It's a nice pipe dream though. I was thwarted at my earlier attempt to collect all 25 of the Carlos Lee 2005 Topps Chrome Red X-Fractor #180. I only managed to get my hands on two cards before they all disappeared on me. Would I like all of the Harold Baines relic and signature cards? Sure! I'll be happy with whatever I can get though.

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Bay Rat North West said...

Keep the dream alive! I managed to collect all 10 Barry Larkin Mirror White Autos from 2004 Leaf Certified Materials. Took some smooth talking on 2 cards but it can be done. Scour everywhere you can think of and they will pop up. Just found a 1/1 Kearns someone had for trade and am sending him a Yogi auto. I never thought I would see that card.

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