Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Did Upper Deck Miss Something?

Did I miss something here or did Upper Deck? I think they missed a release in 2007. What happened to Upper Deck Update? I didn't hear anything about it coming and I didn't hear anything about it being dropped. I admit that I don't get the press releases from any of the card companies, but I still find it odd not to hear a peep.

Maybe Upper Deck announced their plans not to release this set at the beginning of 2007. I wasn't back into the hobby full time, so I could have missed this Earth shattering announcement. I can't find anything about it, which I find odd.

I always looked forward to the Upper Deck Update release as a final hurrah for the season from the Upper Deck regular set. Any rookie that was missed or player that was traded or overlooked player would find his way into this release. Am I the only one that looked forward to this additional set? Maybe so, but I hope not.

Topps came out with their third series this year. I snapped up some packs as soon as they were available at my local hobby shop. I enjoy the hunt for White Sox cards, cards I can trade, cards I can sell... OK, just cards in general. This is one of the realeases that would tide me over until the first cards of the new year came out.

Now, I feel a little out of place. There's a hole in my collection that can never be filled. I suppose that in time, I will forget about this. Time heals all wounds and this is no different. I waited for an announcement that never came. It was only until I got over the excitement of the new 2008 release information, that I realized this oversight. I guess that if I have to sacrifice an Update set for a fine set such as Masterpieces, then I can live with the disappointment a little more easily.


morineko said...

Perhaps they didn't do Update in 2007 because the 2008 series 1 set is being released so early? (Is that 25 January date on their site correct? I wouldn't have known, except I was hunting for a Cardcaptors checklist which is nowhere to be found.)

Steve Gierman said...

It seems odd that Series 1 is being released before First Edition. At least in my mind it does. I have no clue if that release date is correct. I guess we'll find out on Friday.

dayf said...

I don't think Update did very well last year. They released it as a retail only product and I still find packs of it cluttering up shelves. Maybe UD decided to save some rookies for the 2008 version.

As for the First Edition set goes, First Edition is basically their brand name for "el cheapo contractual obligation dollar wax product". I really liked what they did with last year's First Edition set though, it was much better than some of the stinkers they put out in the past. I just wish the set was bigger.

Wax Heaven said...

I won't miss it. I try to get only series 1 products. From my experience in the past series 2 and updates are usually filled with scrub players and 1 or 2 hot rookies but nothing worth buying.

I can understand if you are a team collector, though.

Steve Gierman said...

I feel a little like an addict. I had gotten used to it so much, that when they take it away, I don't know what to do. LOL

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