Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1985 Topps

This is the first set that I remember caring about enough to actively collect it. This set had everything. It had cards of my favorite players, cards of players I've never heard of, at the time, that were on the White Sox, draft picks, father & son cards, USA baseball cards, All-Stars and Record Breakers. It was so much that my 8 year old mind could hardly wrap itself around it all.

It seemed like White Sox players were popping up everywhere in this set. There was always something new to discover, since the only way I knew about cards were checklist cards and friends. This was before I had ever heard of Beckett or the Internet. It was a simpler time, where making connections got you closer to completing your set.

I was happy for the simple fact that Harold Baines had two cards and Carlton Fisk had two cards in the set. It was a dream come true. The design of the card screams mid 80's. I'm not sure if it's the design or because this set came out in 1985. I love it! Let's see what White Sox cards are in here.
  • 1 - Carlton Fisk RB
  • 26 - Roy Smalley
  • 52 - Jerry Dybzinski
  • 78 - Scott Fletcher
  • 105 - Ron Kittle
  • 137 - Vance Law/Vern Law FS
  • 139 - Joel Skinner/Bob Skinner FS
  • 140 - Roy Smalley/Roy Smalley FS
  • 169 - Dan Spillner
  • 194 - Dave Stegman
  • 216 - Jerry Don Gleaton
  • 221 - Ron Reed
  • 249 - Harold Baines
  • 275 - Harold Baines FDP
  • 286 - Rudy Law
  • 312 - Marc Hill
  • 338 - Britt Burns
  • 351 - Juan Agosto
  • 364 - Richard Dotson
  • 388 - Bert Roberge
  • 413 - Vance Law
  • 437 - Al Jones
  • 466 - Tony LaRussa
  • 488 - Joel Skinner
  • 520 - LaMarr Hoyt
  • 543 - Mike Squires
  • 572 - Tom Paciorek
  • 596 - Jery Hairston
  • 623 - Greg Walker
  • 650 - Greg Luzinski
  • 670 - Tom Seaver
  • 725 - Floyd Bannister
  • 749 - Julio Cruz
  • 770 - Carlton Fisk

This was a set that got me excited about baseball. I would actually go back and complete the entire set. That's how much this set was ingrained in my youth. I couldn't say that about any other set from 1985. It might be the childhood memories clouding my judgement, but this is one of my favorite sets from the mid 80's. It's a set that brings me back.

You are probably wondering about my selection of Dave Stegman as the player to represent this set. Well, Dave Stegman never gets any card love, so I thought I'd give him some. But if you must know the real reason, it's because I have a friend named Dave, who has almost the same last name. It's only a one letter difference. Plus, he's a huge White Sox fan. If he ever runs across this blog, he'll get a big kick out of it.


Uglee Card said...

Weird. I have a friend named Carlton Fik. Dave Tegman (Stegma?) (Segman?) (Stgman?) (Stegmn?) and him should hang out.

Steve Gierman said...

Actually Stedman. Substitute the G with a D and you've got my friend.

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