Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sox Or No Sox WSC Edition: 1-29-08

Welcome to another White Sox Cards edition of Sox Or No Sox!

We’ve getting closer as we make our way through the blaster box, we have yet to encounter any White Sox cards in the packs themselves. Could our luck be improving?

Today we have the seventh and eighth of ten packs of 2007 Topps Series 2. Can we find some White Sox cards? Let’s hope so! There are 6 cards in each pack. You know how to play, let’s begin!

#1: Alex Gordon - 634 – Royals
That’s a great way to start the pack!

#2: Chris Shelton - 479 – Tigers
That was a wonderful start … for one season, which seems like a thousand years ago.

#3: Erik Bedard – 533 – Orioles
I’m starting to wonder if he’ll ever be traded.

#4: Jason Kendall – 548 - Athletics
Wasn’t he on the Cubs last year?

#5: Nick Swisher – Generation Now – GN390 – Athletics
A mirror trap card. Great. And it’s of a current White Sox player. Will the taunting ever cease?

#6: Checklist – 1 of 3
At least these don’t count against my card total.

#7: Jason LaRue – 577 – Royals
Another Royal. He was the only catcher in the NL with 12 or more homers each year from 2001 to 2005. At least he’s consistent.

We’re through the first mini pack and no White Sox cards. A sweet rookie card, a pitcher on the trading block, a few Royals and a mirror trap card. OK, what’s next?

#8: Chris Stewart - 567 – Rangers
A former White Sox prospect. Hmmm, I smell taunting from the baseball Gods.

#9: Jon Lieber - 535 – Phillies
The former and current Cub. Is that a disease?

#10: Kenny Rogers – 511 – Tigers
Why do I have a taste for chicken? I think I’d better hide my camera though. They definitely had to take his picture from afar while he was distracted.

#11: Ronny Paulino – 381 – Pirates
Three years in Altoona? Isn’t that Mr. Belvedere’s purgatory?

#12: Alex Cora – 565 – Red Sox
A trap card of the younger brother of a former White Sox player and current coach.

#13: Matt Diaz – 395 - Braves
At least the Braves are a major step up from the Devil Rays and Royals.

Not that bad. But not good either. ½ point for each card. –1 point for the Swisher trap card. That hurts, but he’s not on the White Sox on the card. –1 for the Red Sox trap card of the brother of a White Sox player.

Final score: 4 points

No White Sox cards in this game, but there's always next time on Sox Or No Sox.


Kevin said...

In Baltimore the fans are climbing the walls over the Bedard deal. Everyone's running to blame Angelos even though A) there's no proof he's at fault and B) the deal will probably still get done this week (in my opinion). I guess people aren't willing to give you the benefit of the doubt when you've spent over a decade controlling your team with an iron fist and running it into the ground.

Steve Gierman said...

In Chicago, the Cubs fans are doing about the same thing. The rumors are in the paper every day and the Cubs are always the frontrunners. It seems like more Cubs players keep getting added to the package.

dayf said...

That is it. This is too painful. I am taking action.

Steve Gierman said...

Uh oh. Now it's really going to hit the fan. Wait. What exactly is action being taken against?

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