Friday, January 25, 2008

Sox Or No Sox: 1-25-08 Bonus Edition

Welcome to a Special Bad Wax Bonus Edition of Sox Or No Sox!

I won a contest over at Awesomely Bad Wax Packs and received a beautiful pack of bad wax in the mail today.

Today we have a 1988 Pacific trading cards pack of Eight Men Out. Can we find some White Sox cards in a pack based on a movie about the White Sox? I would think so! There are 10 cards in each pack. The rules will be slightly different for this bonus edition. Since we have a pack about the White Sox, each card of a real Sox player will be worth 2 points. Each card of a real non-White Sox player/person will be worth –1 point. Any image from the movie or cards featuring actors from the movie will be worth the point value of a regular pack card, ½ point.

#1: Shoeless Joe Jackson - 110 – White Sox
Holy crap, a White Sox card of a real player! And a card of a legendary player! This is a first.

#2: Pat Moran - 89 – Reds
The manager of the 1919 World Champion Reds. A trap card for this game only.

#3: Ban Johnson – 78 – AL President
He was chosen for the Hall of Fame in 1937. Yet another trap card.

#4: Don Harvey as Charles “Swede” Risberg – 16 – Actor (White Sox)
The first card from the movie itself.

#5: Kid watches Eddie – 59 – Actors (White Sox)
Depicting Game 7, from the movie.

We’re halfway through the pack and one White Sox card, two trap cards and two movie images. Not bad for a pack where the deck is stacked.

#6: Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis - 67 – Actor
John Anderson as Judge Landis.

#7: Kerr wins Game Six - 56 – Actor (White Sox)
Jace Alexander as Dickey Kerr in Game 6.

#8: The fix is on - 39 – Actor (White Sox)
David Strathairn as Eddie Cicotte.

#9: Sign the petition – 65 – Actor
Jesse Vincent as Scooter.

#10: Hugh and Ring confront Kid – 35 – Actor, Director, Sportswriter
Studs Terkel, John Sayles and John Mahoney on the same card. Interesting.

One White Sox card worth 2 points. Two trap cards worth –2 points. Ten cards worth 5 points. I expected a few more actual White Sox players, but I am very pleased with this Bad Wax prize.

Final score: 5 points

One White Sox card in this game, but there's always the pursuit for more next time on Sox Or No Sox.


dayf said...

Heh, a pack about the White Sox only yields one White Sox card. But that's a helluva White Sox card! I think you should add an extra point for the card with Studs Terkel, because Studs Terkel is awesome. Just say the name three times fast:

Studs Terkel

Studs Terkel

Studs Terkel

Steve Gierman said...

I'm happy with it! But, yeah, that kind of threw me too. You'd think with ten cards, there would be more than one White Sox card.

I'll think about revising the points for the presence of Studs Terkel, because he IS awesome!

Bay Rat North West said...

Why am I not detecting a happy dance from you for pulling another Reds card?

Bart McClaughry said...

You may have only gotten five points for Sox or no Sox but baseballcardman gives you a fifteen any Shoeless Joe Card is worth at least that much. As a matter of fact you have inspired me for my card of the day. I am going to put up a Sloeless Joe Card tonight.

Jason T. Carter said...

I think I have that set, but I'm not sure. It's buried in the closet somewhere if I do have it.

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