Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Joy Of Santana

I am crossing my fingers that this deal to the Mets gets finalized. Johan Santana is a bully. That's a good thing, except when you are the White Sox. Since July 27, 2004, Santana was 12-2 against the White Sox, posting a 1.93 ERA.

Although it seemed like the White Sox kept getting closer to breaking his spell, they will be throwing a party for Johan once the ink has dried on his new deal. Those numbers are pure domination. This was no lucky streak, this was great stuff from a great pitcher.

The head of the committee to organize a party for Johan will probably be team captain Paul Konerko. These are not the normal duties for team captains. Party planning usually gets thrust upon the rookies because it's scrub work. Paul will organize it, not because he wants to, but because he has to.

Paul went 5-for-40 (that's a measly .125) with 13 strikeouts against Santana over the past three seasons. If anyone is happier to see Johan go to another division, in another league, I'd like to meet them. I think that would be the most obvious example of dominance against the White Sox.

As the snow continues to fall in Chicago today, Sox fans hearts are already warming. The idea of a schedule with no Johan Santana on it is a very pleasing one. The only chance that the White Sox may have of facing Santana is the exhibition Civil Rights Game on March 29th in Memphis, Tennessee. I like those odds. The only other time would potentially be a White Sox - Mets World Series. Really, what are the chances of that happening? 1 in 870?


dayf said...

Your heart is warming while my tears are falling. The Mets' farm system is getting bare but fat lot of good it'll do us next year.

Steve Gierman said...

Maybe he'll have a hard time adjusting to the NL or the New York media.

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