Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is Magglio In The Clear?

I hear that Magglio Ordonez was unsuccessfully blackmailed by Jose Canseco. If Magglio helped finance a movie that Jose wanted to promote, then Jose would leave Magglio's name out of his latest book. I don't know what to believe, but it sounds like a plot out of a bad Saturday morning cartoon or a Z grade movie.

Maybe that's the movie Jose wanted to get out. I can see it now. "Blackmailed" starring Steven Seagal as Jose Canseco and Vin Diesel (with a Magglio wig) as Magglio Ordonez. John C. Reilly would play Chuck Knoblauch, the comical clown who forgot how to throw and is now hiding out from the feds in the tropical paradise of Kokomo, Indiana.

Actually, I think that's upgraded to B movie, based on John C. Reilly alone. Will Ferrell could make a cameo playing Bud "Lite" Selig and Vince Vaughn could play Senator George Mitchell. Throw in a couple of bumbling, yet capable, FBI agents played by Hank Azaria and John Cusack. You've got yourself a comedy classic.

Unfortunately, that's the movies and this is real life. Did Magglio use illegal substances? I'd like to think no, but in this day and age, you never know. Sometimes being accused is enough to create a downfall. Did Jose Canseco try to blackmail Magglio? I could see him doing something like that to create more sales for his second book. Does Jose have the goods on Magglio and others? So far, he's pretty much been vindicated, in most claims from his first book. It took a few years to weed it out, but most of the accusations have a shred of truth to them.

Right now, everything is just hearsay. Until more substantial facts are brought to light, we have to believe the best in people. We should be past the witch hunts, but we sadly aren't. Just one hint at wrong-doing is enough to sink a player's reputation. Even if that hint is completely off base. I'm choosing to not believe this until more facts are brought out. That doesn't mean that I think everyone is innocent. Far from it.

Jose Canseco isn't the only baseball player that cheated. He's just honest about his steroid use. Many players aren't. There is the real problem. Did Magglio develop his ability naturally or was he helped by a teammate who was there, just before his abilities went to the next level? Would he lie about his use, if he used? These are unanswered questions, at the moment. Everyone should be innocent until proven guilty, but that doesn't mean we can't keep a closer eye on them.


Wax Heaven said...

It seems Magglio is a VERY popular player judging by all the support he is already getting but I have a feeling that when all is said and done he will be added to the Steroids Blacklist.

Steve Gierman said...

The way I feel, if he is, then he should come out and say so. The public is more forgiving if you admit your mistakes, rather than try to cover it up. Then Jose has another truth to add to his side.

If Maggs isn't, then it will eventually die down and Jose has added to already shaky credibility.

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