Wednesday, January 23, 2008

1986 Topps

These cards were released during my first wave of collecting. The black and white two-tone is iconic for this release. I loved this set when I was a kid. It was much better than the basic blue of Fleer that year and Donruss cards never kept in stock long enough for me to really assess them in 1986.

I can remember laying these out on the carpeted floor and arranging them in different ways. Whatever tickled my fancy on any particular day. I would assort them by number or by name or by team. The possibilities were endless. You guessed right. All of my originals from this set have gone to wax heaven. No, not the blog site. They were all damaged beyond compare because I handled them on a daily basis. If I could go back and do things differently, I'd still handle them everyday. That's part of the fun of collecting as a kid!

The White Sox had 29 cards and 1 All-Star card in this set. It was a nice big set for me to collect, but it still was reasonable to assume that I could collect every card. I cared about every card when this first came out. Now, I am "laser focused" and only collect certain things. I may try to collect an entire set, someday. But for now, I'm happy just collecting White Sox cards.
  • 14 Julio Cruz
  • 64 Floyd Bannister
  • 103 Luis Salazar
  • 123 Greg Walker
  • 139 Daryl Boston
  • 156 White Sox Leaders - Richard Dotson
  • 187 Scott Fletcher
  • 227 Al Jones
  • 239 Joel Skinner
  • 254 Ozzie Guillen
  • 290 Carlton Fisk
  • 313 Joe DeSa
  • 346 Bryan Little
  • 364 Reid Nichols
  • 390 Tom Seaver
  • 423 Dan Spillner
  • 447 Jerry Don Gleaton
  • 467 Bob James
  • 493 Gene Nelson
  • 531 Tony LaRussa
  • 552 Marc Hill
  • 574 Ron Kittle
  • 612 Richard Dotson
  • 637 Rudy Law
  • 657 Juan Agosto
  • 679 Britt Burns
  • 719 Carlton Fisk AS
  • 724 Tim Hulett
  • 755 Harold Baines
  • 778 Jerry Hairston

Basically, this is how I remember sets from Topps. I'm hoping that they get closer to these past sets again. It doesn't look like it though. Change is good, but there is something to be said for non-fifties nostalgia. A great set and a good design.


Uglee Card said...

Like 1986 Topps, love 1987 Topps. The best card set ever, because I studied them incessantly and never cared how much they were "worth."
Go Sox!

Steve Gierman said...

They could be worthless as an investment, but they'll always be worth something to me.

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