Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gem Mint Genius

It seems like everyone has been on a "save the hobby" kick lately. I took an overnight trip to my fiancee's house because my plumbing was being worked on. It's kind of important to me to have showers, toilets and running water. Call it a habit I picked up as a little kid.

Pretty much the only thing I can really do over there is check e-mail and browse the web. I can't get into the usual posting stuff and half the time I'm logged out faster than I got logged in. Today, I saw the continuation of a new trend. Saving the hobby has become the topic of choice for most baseball card bloggers this past week. The newest one to tackle the subject is Gem Mint Genius. Fred does a fantastic job in his article. Please go over and check it out.

I should be back to regular posting on both blogs by tomorrow.


Chemgod said...

Hope your place gets fixed quick! BTW when is the wedding? Are you registered at Topps or Upper Deck?

Steve Gierman said...

The carpenter is fixing the big hole in the wall left by the plumbers as I write this. Everything should be back to normal today.

Oh, I wish they had registries for weddings! I don't know how Tracey would react, but I'd love it.

We haven't decided on a wedding date, but we have decided on the reception date. October 2, 2009. We're still deciding if we want to wait to get married on the day we originally picked or opt for something sooner. But that date is the cut-off date. We will be married on or before that date. Now that I'm writing it, that sounds like it should be on the back of a milk carton.

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