Friday, January 25, 2008

#51 - Jason Bere

Jason Bere comes in at number 51. He was on the White Sox from 1993 until July 16, 1998, when he was released by the White Sox.
Jason's best years were his first two, 1993 and 1994. He appeared in 24 games in each season.

In 1993, he posted a 12-5 record with 129 strikeouts and a 3.47 ERA. 1994 brought more of the same. A 12-2 record with 127 strikeouts and a 3.81 ERA. Jason was projected to be the next huge pitching talent. If Jason could have kept up those numbers, he would have been a huge star.

He made the 1994 All-Star team and everything was looking good. Then came arm injuries and Tommy John surgery, which he came back too soon from. It all started with the 1994 strike. The 1995 Spring Training was short and Jason was working on a new pitch, a cut fastball. He ended up throwing it too much and had injuries ever since. Whether the short Spring Training was to blame or the new pitch or the combination of the two, Jason's career was never the same after that.

Jason shares this number with Andrew Sisco, Terry Forster, Jon Rauch, Dave Wehrmeister and Mike Bertotti among others. Jason has the capabilities to lead this number based on his first two years on the White Sox. Maybe someone will step in and have an unbelievable few years with this number on. Until then, it is Jason Bere's.

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