Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some Awesomely Sound Advice

Mike over at Awesomely Bad Wax Packs is continuing the recent trend of sound advice to the collector just getting back in to the hobby. It's definitely worth the read.

If you are reading this blog and many others like it and you're thinking about getting back into collecting, it's a must read. You'll avoid many pitfalls that face the new collector. I wish I would have found these card blogs before I got back into collecting, for the third time. It might have saved me from some mistakes.

There's also a new link in the Specialized Card Sites called On Base Autos. Check it out for a nice posting of a couple of Goose Gossage autographed cards. I've already sullied the blog with its first comment, which I promptly misspelled "nice". In my defense, the V key is so close to the C key. Especially so when it's early in the morning.

Here's my plea to check out all the blog links over to the right. They all work hard at bringing new content to each blog. They are each special in their own unique way. They are all worth checking out. Our network of card blogs keeps getting bigger and better with each passing day.

1 comment:

Chemgod said...

Thanks for the link Steve!

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