Friday, January 11, 2008

eBay Find: $1,199.99 Or Best Offer

If you've got $1,199.99 plus $9.95 shipping lying around doing nothing, you could give it to me, or you could spend it on this lovely specimen. I'd rather you give it to me, but I'm a bit bias in that decision.

You are looking at a 1957 Swift Meats #7 - Nellie Fox card. It grades at 96 SGC. What a wonderful, expensive gift for a loved one. I, personally, am not a fan of graded cards. I believe you should let the cards breathe.

But for the White Sox fan who has the money to buy everything, you can get this for slightly over a grand. There's already one offer submitted, but it has been rejected. The potential buyer probably offered the hefty sum of a dollar.

I've never seen this card before, but it looks like Nellie needs a wee bit of assembly. But as long as you keep Mr. Fox in his disheveled state and encased in plastic, he should be worth over $1,000 for generations to come.

If you care to check the auction out, you can view it here. The seller also mentions that Nellie is a tough autograph since he died so young. It has absolutely nothing to do with the auction, since this card is not autographed to my knowledge. Nothing like ending the listing description with sunny material like an early death. Happy shopping!

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