Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sox Or No Sox WSC Edition: 1-30-08

Welcome to another White Sox Cards edition of Sox Or No Sox!

We've getting closer as we make our way through the blaster box, we have yet to encounter any White Sox cards in the packs themselves, just in the bonus cellophane pack. There has to something in here, right?

Today we have the ninth and tenth of ten packs of 2007 Topps Series 2. This is it. The last two packs from the box. Can we find some White Sox cards? Let’s hope so! There are 6 cards in each pack. You know how to play, let’s begin!

#1: Brian Bannister - 587 – Royals
His dad was on the White Sox!

#2: Ted Lilly - 456 – Cubs
Damn trap card!

#3: Steve Trachsel – 558 – Orioles
A former Cub.

#4: So Taguchi - Gold Card 1545/2007 – 428 - Cardinals
I like go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-old!

#5: Francisco Rodriguez – 422 – Angels
He led the league in saves in 2005 and 2006.

#6: Brian Giles – 349 – Padres
He led the league in walks in 2005.

We’re through the first mini pack and no White Sox cards. Some pretty decent pitchers and a gold card. Not too shabby. I’m still holding out hope for the last pack. OK. Ready.

#7: Andy Cannizaro - 627 – Yankees
He singled in his first MLB at-bat.

#8: Florida Marlins - 592 – Marlins
It’s nice to see a team come together.

#9: Esteban Loaiza – 518 – Athletics
A former White Sox. Why do the card companies taunt me?

#10: Bob Geren – 614 – Athletics
Another manager card. OK. Two Athletics in a row. OK.

#11: Jim Thome – Hit Parade – HP19 – White Sox
Holy crap! A White Sox card! An insert White Sox card! One that I actually need too. This card rocks! Shiny and reflective. Sweet!

#12: Shawn Green – 346 - Mets
That’s cool I guess. I’m still stoked about the Thome insert!

Sweet! A pretty decent two packs. I guess they saved the best for last. ½ point for each card. –1 point for the Cubs trap card. +2 for the Thome insert.

Final score: 7 points

1 White Sox card in this game! See you next time on Sox Or No Sox.


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Nice card! Finally got a good White Sox out of this feature!

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