Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mailbox Joys: An Early Frank Thomas

I saw this card on eBay last month and had to have it. It only cost $1.00, which is book value, and it had super low shipping. I did originally get this around the holidays, but it got pushed aside from family obligations and illness. But here it is, in all its glory.

A 1991 Score Rising Star #78 Frank Thomas in mint condition. You can tell that this picture was taken right after Frank's call up in August 1990. Shortly after Frank was called up, the Sox started wearing their new uniforms. They weren't supposed to be worn until the new stadium opened in 1991, but I guess the Sox couldn't resist. The classic pinstripe uniforms look much better than the cursive writing uniforms ever did.

If I had to take a guess, I'd say this picture was taken on either August 10th or August 11th of 1990 in Chicago. On August 10th, Frank played in the first game of a double header, but not the second game. Frank also played on August 11th. Those two dates are the only time the Rangers played the White Sox in Chicago after Frank had been called up from AA. I know, my powers of deduction amaze no one.

It's nice to see Frank in the late 80's White Sox uniform. It reminds me of innocence and youth. Not Frank Thomas and not that monstrosity of a uniform, but put them together and you've got nostalgic feelings. I feel like I'm about to enter high school when I look at this card.

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