Friday, January 11, 2008

Card Spotlight 1-11-08

1954 Topps #110 - Harry Dorish

Why this card? I don't know exactly why. I just like it. I think it has a lot to do with Harry's devilish smile. It's almost as if he's getting away with something. Maybe he realizes that 36 years from then, a White Sox player would pull his pants down in a game on national television. I wasn't around then, so I can't claim to know.

Do I own it? Nope. Maybe someday, but not today. As a matter of fact, I don't own any card from the 1954 Topps set. I don't even own the reprints. Sorry... archives. I own the 1953 archives White Sox set, but not these. Someday I will own this card. A decent copy of this card. Just not today.

I love the designs of the 1950's era Topps baseball cards. This one is one of my favorites. For some odd reason, I didn't care for the Topps Heritage set that copied this style. It was OK, but it wasn't quite like the original set for some reason.

Topps seemed to put quality in every design that they put out during this period. That's not always the case today, but at least they are leaps beyond some of Donruss' 21st century designs. This card takes me back to a simpler time that I'll never know. A time before huge salaries, super agents and ballparks named after electronic equipment companies. The card designs were simple but not simplistic.

Come to think of it, Harry's probably laughing at us for taking card collecting so seriously. All the more reason to keep collecting.

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