Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Return Of Bartolo?

I've heard rumbling about Ozzie Guillen being in the Dominican Republic scouting Bartolo Colon. I would think this wouldn't be the worst idea out there. If Bartolo could bounce back, he would be a great asset to the White Sox as a fourth or fifth starting pitcher, depending on how the Sox wanted to use him.

When Bartolo is healthy, he's one of the better pitchers out there. This seems like a move Kenny Williams likes to do. Taking a chance on rehabbing pitchers is nothing new for the Sox. If Bartolo can be had for an incentive laced contract, it could become the bargain of the off-season. If he does well, Bartolo would be paid well. If not, the Sox wouldn't be out too much for an experiment like this.

I really don't see the White Sox coming in at the last minute and snagging Johan Santana in a trade. That would be the ideal solution, but it's not going to happen. The Sox don't have the players that the Twins want and the cost would go up drastically because the Twins are in the same division. Trading a superstar to the direct competition is a no-no.

Bartolo could become the cheap veteran alternative with very little downside. If he doesn't work out, Floyd or Danks would be waiting to take over his spot in the rotation. That would give the odd man out a little more time to be seasoned, either in the minors or in the bullpen working long relief. I could see a lot of upside to Bartolo signing a low cost/high reward contract.

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