Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sox Or No Sox: 1-24-07

Welcome to another fabulous edition of Sox Or No Sox!

So far, we have not seen a solitary White Sox card. There was one in the bonus pack of inserts, but none, so far, in the packs.

Today we have the first and second of ten packs of 2007 Topps Series 2. Can we find some White Sox cards? Let’s hope so! There are 6 cards in each pack. You know how to play, let’s begin!

#1: Josh Hamilton - 625 – Reds
He was picked by Tampa Bay in 1999, but he tore the cover off the ball in Spring Training 2007!

#2: Kip Wells - 537 – Cardinals
A former White Sox player! OK, we’re getting warmer!

#3: Joe DiMaggio – Distinguished Service – DS21 – Yankees
An insert card. It’s of Joe DiMaggio, which doesn't hurt. Plus, it’s not one of his mirrored cards.

#4: Kevin Youkilis – 475 – Red Sox
A trap card! This pack is not looking good points-wise!

#5: Jeremy Hermida – 525 – Marlins
Hip and ankle injuries? Sounds like a winner!

#6: Adrian Beltre – 374 – Mariners
Marlins… Mariners… they look alike, they talk alike, at times they even play alike. Adrian’s bat came alive after moving to second in the order? OK, if alive means .268.

We’re through the first mini pack and no White Sox cards. What a shocker! A former White Sox player and a trap card. What can we expect from mini pack #2? More of the same perhaps?

#7: Boof Bonser - 418 – Twins
You gotta love a guy named Boof! Especially when he legally changes his name to Boof. I've heard decent things about him.

#8: Doug Mientkiewicz - 559 – Yankees
He must have loved his parents when he was growing up. Especially when he was learning to spell his name. I’m sure at least once, he tried on Doug Smith, just to see how it sounded. He won the World Series with the Red Sox, yet he’s elated to be on the Yankees.

#9: David Eckstein - 491 – Cardinals
A World Series ring in each league. He must feel special.

#10: Greg Maddux – Trading Places – TP24 – Dodgers/Padres
Who doesn't like Greg Maddux? He usually turns in a solid performance and he looks like Ferris Bueller. Two teams on one card!

#11: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Colorado Rockies – Opening Day 2007 – OD9 - D'Backs/Rockies
Another two teams on one card? OK…

#12: Mariano Rivera – 570 – Yankees
Cool, one of the elite closers of the game. Still not a White Sox card.

Not too bad. But not that great either. ½ point for each card. –1 point for the trap card. 3 insert cards, but none of them mirrors.

Final score: 5 points

No White Sox cards in this game, but there's always next time on Sox Or No Sox.

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