Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mailbox Joys: Two 2007 Bowman Sterlings

I received in the mail something that a week ago, I never thought I'd ever own. Two different 2007 Bowman Sterlings came in the mail. I purchased both cards for a combined total of $5.50 plus shipping between $2 and $3. I forget what it was, but there was combined shipping after an initial shipping charge of $2. Ah eBay, where the impossible becomes possible.

The cards that arrived were the Josh Fields card that you see in the post and the John Danks autograph card which I pictured in an earlier post reviewing the set. These cards are much like Topps Finest in appearance, as I first suspected. I'm very happy that I was able to find these cards at a great bidding price. There is also an Aaron Cunningham card on the way from a different seller.

After not believing that I would ever get one card, I have the White Sox set halfway completed, with one-third of the set already in hand. Maybe I will be inspired to pick up the refractor cards too, if I see them at an equally good price. After trying to obtain one UD Black card in the wake of this purchase, I was jolted back to reality. That's OK though, this is a wonderful consolation prize.

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