Friday, January 11, 2008

Link Rearranging

I took a cue from Wax Heaven's overhaul and a few other sites and streamlined the links. I've separated them into four categories.

1. Card Sites

Sites that feature baseball cards as their main subject matter, but are more generalized to include a little bit of everything.

2. Specialized Card Sites

Sites that focus on specific teams, regions, players, sets and so forth in the world of sports. Must include baseball cards as one of the main areas of interest.

3. White Sox Sites

This is kind of self explanatory. Sites that feature the Chicago White Sox as their main interest.

4. Other Important Sites

Sites that can't fit into the other three categories comfortably, but are still of important interest.

In moving these links to their respective categories, I've tried my best to keep all of the previous entries. I'm only human, so if your site was in the link section before and I just completely missed it in the transfer, please let me know about it. I'll put it right back up.

I've also added a few sites that have been on the bubble for awhile for various unknown reasons. The most likely culprit would be space. The other would be early considerations that kept getting pushed back and buried, well before a link plan was put in place. Sorry, Thorzul. This major oversight has been corrected.

If you think your site fits in on this link list, especially in the first three categories, state your case in the comments section of this post. Please, try to keep submissions to baseball, baseball card and White Sox related sites.


dayf said...

Heh, I've had my links streamlined for a while now and they are still an ungodly mess :)

morineko said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I need to fiddle with mine, but first I need to fiddle with the rest of the blog instead.

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