Monday, January 14, 2008

Trading With Atlanta Cards

When I was out of town over New Years, I received a curious e-mail asking if I wanted to trade. The e-mail turned out to be from Atlanta Cards and dangled two interesting White Sox cards in front of me. What else could I say? Yeah, I'll make a trade with you!

Thank you, Robert, for initiating this trade. I just received the cards in today's mail. I hope you get your cards soon. They should be arriving any day now.

So, what did I get?

- 2007 Ultra Dual Materials Bobby Jenks White/White 19/50 (dual game used)
- 2006 Special F/X Player Highlights #PH-32 Tadahito Iguchi
- a few White Sox cards from 2006.

Very cool cards! All Robert wanted in return was game used Atlanta or Devil Rays cards. I only had one though.

So, I checked Robert's want list and found some matches in spare cards, so I gathered what fit and sent them along with a few extra Braves cards that I had lying around.

So, what did Robert end up getting? OK, you've twisted my arm. Here's what he got.

- 2003 UD Leading Swatches – Chipper Jones
- 2007 UD Legendary Cuts - #58 Johnny Mize
- UD Masterpieces – 11, 41, 51, 80
- A bunch of bonus Atlanta cards (mostly Braves and I think a Hawks card I had for some odd reason)

I'm very satisfied with this trade. I got a couple cool cards and some bonuses thrown in and Robert got a game used material card, some cards he needed to complete sets and a bunch of bonuses. All in all, a good trade.

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